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How do i open an account?

Bank accounts can be a great tool to help manage your finances. It is also a safer place to store money than a shoebox, because money is insured (up to $250,000 USD per person in each bank). Unless you have a fireproof safe to store money that has no potential to grow on its own, banks are the best place to store money. Plus, many banks offer debit cards linked to the major networks like VISA, MasterCard!

  • How Do I Choose a Bank?

    Each financial institution offers an array of products and services that they offer. Having a good understanding of what your personal situation is will assist you in determining the bank or credit union that is best for you.

  • Find a Participating Bank or Credit Union Near You.

    All of Bank On Greater Pittsburgh’s financial partners have multiple branches in the Greater Pittsburgh area. Find a participating bank or credit union convenient for you.

  • Go to the Bank or Credit Union You Selected

    Talk with a representative about opening your Bank On Greater Pittsburgh account. The bank representative will answer any questions you may have.

  • Sign up for an account

    Bring your identification and the appropriate amount of funds to start your account so that you and your family will be on your way toward financial freedom.

  • Congratulations

    You are on your way to financial freedom!


Visit one of our community partners for more information and a referral to the financial institution of your choice!


Here is a guide to help you ask the right questions when speaking with a bank representative.
  • Do you offer free checking?
  • Is there a minimum amount to open a checking or savings account? Do I have to keep a minimum monthly balance?
  • Can you help me set up an account that won’t let me spend more money than I have in the account?
  • Do you offer free checks and protection for bouncing a check?
  • What is your fee for bouncing a check or having insufficient funds?
  • Where are you located and are there other branches nearby? What are your hours?
  • Does your branch speak languages other than English?
  • Where are your closest ATMs and is there a fee to use them? Is there a fee to use other ATM’s?
  • Do you offer a debit or credit card with checking accounts? Are there fees with those cards?
  • Do you offer free direct deposit?
  • Do you offer free online banking?
  • Do you offer free savings accounts with interest? What is the interest rate?
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